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Kemsley is a suburb of Sittingbourne in Kent, England. According to Edward Hasted, in 1798, who quoted Asserius Menevensis in his survey, the Danes built themselves a fortress or castle here in 893. At a place called 'Kemsley downe'. This then later became 'Castle Rough'. Wikipedia

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Reiki Sound Healing

Maldon, Essex, CM9 6PW
Phone: 07968085548
Summary: I offer massage therapies alongside energy healing. Reiki Sound healing combines crystal bowls, himalayan bowls, healing pipes and sacred drumming to offer deep [...]
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Distance: 24.51 miles.

Natasha Marie Therapy

Upminster, Greater London (Havering)
Phone: 07833 556275
Summary: Hello, I am Natasha. I am an experienced, mobile, Reiki Therapist, attuned to Master Level. I offer treatments and attunements, normally on a one [...]
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Distance: 24.87 miles.
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