Reiki is the Bee’s Knees. FACT!

Well OK, not fact fact as such—I don’t recall an article in The Lancet scientifically proving that Reiki is found on a bee’s knee to be fair – but it is my fact, my humble opinion and these are my 10 reasons why.

But first things first. What the bleep is Reiki?!

Ah, glad you asked.

In a nutshell, ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese system of energy healing. The word ‘Reiki’ can be translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. In the West, we can learn to channel Reiki in a one- or two-day workshop by becoming ‘attuned’ to it (the teacher opens up our energy channels to receive Reiki) and then learning how to use it. Once attuned, we act as a channel for the energy to flow through us and into the recipient.

Reiki works on all levels—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to bring balance and restore equilibrium. Reiki always goes to the root of the issue to initiate healing, meaning that not just the symptoms are treated.

When we undertake a Reiki workshop, we are making a commitment not just to healing ourselves, but also to creating a space within which others too can be healed. And in doing so, taking one small step to making the world just that teensy bit nicer place to be.

So, where was I? Ah yes! Why learn Reiki?

10 reasons to learn Reiki

1. It’s simple to learn
There are no pre-requisites, we don’t have to ‘be’ anyone in particular or ‘do’ anything in particular. It’s a healing technique that can be learned by absolutely anyone, anywhere, in a short amount of time. In fact, the only real requirement is to be open, willing to learn and then to put it into practice. Once we have become attuned to Reiki the rest is up to us—to really understand Reiki we need to practice, practice, practice, then have a cup of tea and a biscuit and practice some more.

2. It’s a gift to ourselves
Yes, Reiki is a healing therapy that can be used on anyone or anything, but it is primarily a tool for ourselves. There is no stipulation that we need ever use it for anything other than our own self-healing and self-development. We can use it as little or as much as we like (though obvs. the more we use it the more we will benefit). Reiki isn’t only for those who wish to become therapists or practitioners, it always, always begins as a tool for us. The fact that Reiki students end up being practitioners/teachers is because they love it so much that they want to share it. But this isn’t a requirement.

3. It can help in pretty much any situation
When we sign up to a Reiki workshop, we are learning a way to channel high-vibrational healing energy through our hands; for us, our loved ones, our cat, our environment, even for Uncle Bob’s long lost pet sheep Ira. It can help us with sending healing to people, places, situations, and relationships etc. etc. The list is endless. No, seriously, it’s endless.

4. Did I mention it was easy to learn?

5. Empowerment
After we learn how to channel Reiki, it can really help us to feel a lot more empowered in our lives: we now have a fabulous tool to help us feel more in control and able to help ourselves/others. Have a headache? Place your hands on your head and channel Reiki to ease it. Feel helpless at the Syrian refugee crisis? Use Reiki healing techniques to send distant healing to those suffering. Got a job interview coming up? Send healing energy in advance to help it go well. There are no limits on how it can be used in a positive way. Noooooooo limmmiittttsssss.

6. Reconnection
Having Reiki in our lives brings us back to ourselves, helps us get in touch with our true selves, helps us be the best that we can be: it isn’t just a system of healing, it is a system of being that can only serve for our greater good. It can’t help but improve our life and bring us greater happiness and wellbeing. (Seriously? Where’s the downside?!)

7. I might have mentioned, but it’s reaaalllly easy to learn 

8. Love, peace and relaxation
When we channel Reiki, we feel super relaxed, super chilled and it brings peace to our body, mind and spirit. If we channel it for someone else they also feel super, super chillaxed. It is such an awesome practice that soon we/they wonder how on earth we/they ever got along without it. Many people are amazed by just how deeply relaxing it is, and as stress and anxiety is at the root of so many health issues, it’s a superb way to start to heal.

9. ‘Be the change you wish to see’
Much as we would like to change an awful lot about the world, we actually need to start with ourselves. If we want more peace in the world, we need to find peace within ourselves first. If we want to see more love in the world, we need to start with loving ourselves. Reiki can help us do this in bucketloads. The more we become a reflection of peace and love within ourselves, the more that others around us pick it up and are positively influenced, creating greater change. It. Starts. With. Us.

10. It’s dead easy to learn. I might have said?
I have been working with Reiki since 2001, and teaching others since 2012, and I have seen nothing but beautiful results. It can seriously change your life. But don’t take my word for it. Sign up to a workshop and see what it can do for you:

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Hi I have recently had a Indian head massage and a Japanese face and neck massage, both given by Suzanne Bennet. Sue is absolutely fantastic, she put me at ease made me feel very comfortable , the atmosphere was very calming, soft music playing , and scented candles burning. I have quite a few health problems going on and thanks to a Sue I came away feeling relaxed and less stressed . I would highly recommend both the Indian and Japanese massage.