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After 17 years at the forefront of microelectronic development I'd been there, done that and needed a change! I retrained as a Reiki Master-Teacher and life-guide.. Actually not that different: both roles were concerned with people, getting the best from them and helping them relate to each other and work together.

In 1987, before Daniel Goleman made 'Emotional Intelligence' popular I wrote an article on Emotional Intelligence: how, in all walks of life, we need to be aware of our feelings and those of others to better understand a situation and enable a win-win way forward.

Since then I've run retreats in Portugal and done a PhD on 'Transcending Thought': that higher level of consciousness which many of us experience as mystical, peak, in-the-flow . . . and how we can cultivate that state and benefit from it.

Throughout my life I've sought to see the best in others and myself . . . and to help bring it out . . .

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Responding with Reiki

Given all the horrendous events in the UK over recent month we probably all share the call of our political and community leaders to respond with love. Yes, there is a huge amount of fear, anger, hate and other negative emotions . . . this is only natural . . .  but we have an […]

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