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Chute is a civil parish in west Wiltshire, England, on the border with Hampshire. It includes the main village of Upper Chute and the smaller settlements of Lower Chute, Chute Standen, Chute Cadley and Mount Cowdown. Wikipedia

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Natural Reiki Healing

Chippenham, Wiltshire, Sn140pt
Phone: 07712611771
Summary: Diane's treatment philosophy is based on the believe that we are all connected by one energy. She has full regard and respect for the [...]
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Distance: 24.51 miles.

Bourne To Be

Trowbridge, South Glamorgan, BA14 8TG
Phone: 07545786797
Summary: Reiki Master Teacher, to bring balance back!
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Distance: 24.53 miles.

Universal Alignment

Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8QN
Phone: 07729019877
Website Address: www.universalalignment.co.uk
Summary: We’ve been where you are. Anxious, depressed. Working away in a job which maybe you used to enjoy. Numbing the pain with whatever society [...]
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Distance: 24.53 miles.

Rachael’s Reiki Healing & Beyond

Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 2JE
Phone: 07814272797
Website Address: www.rachaelsreiki.co.uk
Summary: If you are drawn to heal through me, I work through a modality called Galilean Healing; it works using hypnotherapy techniques, Advanced Reiki Healing [...]
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Distance: 24.63 miles.

Naturally Better – Reiki

Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8
Phone: 07734112708
Website Address: www.naturallybetter.org.uk
Summary: Offering Reiki courses and instruction for those wanting to work with people and/or animals. A pragmatic and accessible approach to teaching Reiki, giving people the [...]
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Distance: 24.7 miles.

Reiki Beginners Course

May 2020
Roundwood, Micheldever Hampshire
Summary: This is a Reiki  Level 1 Course for beginners. Anyone can learn the gentle but powerful healing art of Reiki. Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher, Georgina Watts will guide you in a [...]

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