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The Reiki & Relaxology Centre

Leigh, Worcestershire, wn7 5ew
Phone: 01942 207302
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The Reiki & Relaxology Centre, Reiki Ray Sensei's information:

Although I was using Prana during Yoga when I qualified as a Yoga teacher in 1977, amazingly I didn’t realise the potential of Energy Healing until I was introduced to Reiki Healing in 1998! I became a Reiki Master in 1999 when my Reiki Master Brenda Isaac, attuned me in the centre circle of Stonehenge. She in turn was attuned there by William Rand. However, I felt that “something” was missing. It was the five elements. Reiki attunes you to the healing element of Earth and I came to feel the need to be attuned to Water, Wind, Fire and Ether. It’s rather like becoming an even bigger “funnel”, expanding the spectrum of vibrations that you can channel, without having to use your own chi energy. Hieroglyphics had “appeared” during my own attunements and so I trained as a Seichem Master with Angela Withers, whereupon my regular clients and students have felt and reported the difference as being of a much deeper healing.
I now also practice and teach the Original Japanese Techniques of giving Reiki treatments which includes massage and acupressure, as well as the passive “Traditional Western Reiki” method. I teach the Usui Techniques after you become a competent 2nd Degree practitioner. It is preferable, though not essential that you have a Reiki treatment from myself, prior to taking 1st Degree, so that you can experience what it feels like and what you are aiming for throughout your training.
I feel strongly about giving out certificates simply because a person has attended a course. I also find that I have far too much information to pass on in just 2 days. Consequently I have introduced a 1st Degree Seichem Completion Day with further professional training. The Seichem initiation is given on that day.
My certificates have to be earned.
At the end of the day, you will value and treasure your certificate as confirmation of the change in your life. It’s very important to be comfortable with your Teacher, so pick your Reiki Master carefully and choose one that will give you help and support, both now, and in the future.
You are most welcome to come to meet me, and to decide if you are ready to become a Reiki and Seichem Healer. I am just a phone call away!

Opening Times

Opening Times: Flexi hours

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Off Wigan Road, Leigh.


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