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Christa Barry Holistic Therapies

Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2DG
Phone: 07531296646
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Welcome to Christa Barry Holistic Therapies. Choosing a therapist is not always an easy task, so thank you for looking at my listing.

As a Holistic therapist I work with the whole person: body ,mind, emotions and spirit. My aim is to help bring those 4 aspects into balance, to help them develop and grow, creating the opportunity for wholeness and well-being.

You can choose to have one off sessions of Reiki or Korean Hand massage which in themselves are wonderfully relaxing, de-stressing and revitalising treatments, or you can have a set of treatments, tailored to your individual needs including Reiki, K.H.M,Meditation,Counselling,Tai Chi.

Why not get in touch and we could have a chat about how we might best work together.

Reiki costs £30 per session

Korean Hand Massage costs £25 per session

1-2-1 Meditation costs £60 for 6 sessions.

Individually tailored therapy: number of sessions and fees will be arranged at a free initial consultation.


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Alison Rawlings
Rating :
Following the upheaval of recent life-changing events: the death of my partner, moving house and taking redundancy, I was ready to try Reiki to help deal with the anxieties and stress of the last couple of years. Christa has a serene prescence and I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable in her company. The lightest touch from her seemed to radiate a heat, energy and light that was both empowering and peaceful. I have never experienced anything like it before! I left feeling very calm but amazingly energised and that night I had the best night’s sleep for ages. Subsequent visits… Read more »

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