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Halesowen, West Midlands, B64 7PD
Phone: 0776 364 1234
Website Address: https://steveclayton9.wixsite.com/website-1
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Hello,  thank you for being here.........  My name is Steve Clayton      I am a certified Jikiden Reiki practitioner   -  attuned to Okuden level.    I have also studied and completed courses on western Reiki -      Jikiden Reiki is the ancient Japanese energy healing art.  Jikiden means ' directly passed down '    -    Why not take a few minutes to Google it and see if it can help you in any way.     Reiki can help in so many ways,  physically, emotionally and even on a spiritual level,   it is not a religion,  it works on the premise that the body is capable of healing itself, Reiki can unblock negative energy in the body and mind and therefore promote positive healing results.

My background includes management with blue-chip companies, marketing and the leisure industry   I  also had my own retail business.     I know only too well what real stress is and what the negative and often dangerous effects of stress has on our lives        I have many years of training personally, including the martial arts  and training others,  covering area such as stress management  - rehabilitation, working with stroke victims,  patients that  had recent heart surgery, suffers of chronic back pain, high blood pressure,  weight gain,  setting up and running a G.P. referral scheme in Leominster where I helped run the leisure centre there, one on one  personal training,  counselling  and life coaching.

To compliment all this valuable experience, qualifications and skills     I wanted to add other modalities to my portfolio, plus the fact I love to learn new things, after all,  we never stop learning and indeed we try to better ourselves and become a better, more positive and a happier person.      As well as a certified practitioner of Jikiden Reiki ,   I am qualified in  Indian head massage, therapeutic massage,  exercise therapy, animal Reiki    I  am an associate member of the stress management society as well as holding memberships of other governing bodies.    I am fully insured,  DBS checked and can happily supply references if needed.       I operate primarily on a  mobile basis throughout the West Midlands area but can and do give treatments from home for those in my locality.

My partner Steph runs her business from home,  so there is always someone here, just thought I would mention that as I want female clients to feel to feel completely safe and at ease    I pride myself on my professionalism, friendliness, sense of humour  and  my promise to deliver a complete, reliable  service with real results  -    I don't like it when people fail to mention price,   so treatments start at £40.00 a session  ( there may be additional traveling costs if you are more than 20 miles away from my immediate area)  treatments will last for an hour or so, I'll never be in  in a hurry and you will never be rushed,  relaxation  is a huge part of the treatment,  the first time we meet, we will have a chat about you and your needs, discuss  how I can best help you,  don't worry it's not a physics  exam or a massive questionnaire .    I want you to feel safe and comfortable and as I said earlier, to relax and to build trust in me and thus gain the enormous benefits of Reiki.

You can message me anytime or email me and start our dialogue ......  if you call and I can't answer right away I promise I will call you as soon as I can.  Reki is not really a one-off treatment,  although a lot of people have felt amazing even after one session,  depending on what your needs are,  a series of treatments can be arranged to suit you, a review after a few sessions will take us forward.  It can be difficult to explain exactly what Reiki is,  someone the other day said,  we know what chocolate tastes like but it would be hard to describe it to someone........   If you do a little research for yourself, you will discover the vast array of benefits and positive evidence of its' efficacy.

Thank you for reading all this........ I'm here for you  if you feel I can help you in any way -  Just get in touch today -  look forward to hearing from you,   best wishes,

Steve Clayton

Dip, IHM.   Dip, Fit, Nu.  Dip, ASC.  AMSMS  FASC                                  email:  steve.clayton9@btinternet.com   Mob:  0776 364 1234

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Opening Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday

weekends and evenings by separate appointment

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Location/Directions Info: Halesowen / Cradley Heath based.....

Covering the West Midlands


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