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Grangemouth, Stirling and Falkirk, FK3 8QE
Phone: 01324- 874976
Website Address: www.reiki-hypnosis.com
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As the name suggests, our healing therapies are offered to promote a sense of peace and calmness. Normalene, Anne and Jim are all caring Reiki Masters with many years healing experience in Usui Reiki.
Reiki treatments are offered from a peaceful garden therapy room which clients love!

Reiki can help relieve anxiety, stress, headaches, insomnia and physical aches and pains.
Free distant healing is offered on request for people and animals.

WHY CHOOSE US? - We have practiced healing energies for over 16 years and are dedicated in our work.                      . "Inner Kalm's" practitioners are natural healers who truly care about their clients and are passionate about healing. Passion for a subject truly makes all the difference, and this can be felt during a treatment as a higher energy comes through.


Did you know that all kinds of animals love Reiki?
As you can see from the gallery on our web page, cats and dogs thrive on Reiki, no matter what age they are.
However, Reiki is not restricted to domestic Pets. Wildlife can also be helped with distant healing. Distant healing can be taught to anyone who has compassion for other living beings, be it pets or loved ones.
The wonders of distant healing are taught as part of a Reiki 2 training course .

Shamanic Reiki sessions are also available at Inner Kalm, and are particularly good for emotional release and deep feelings of calmness.


Normalene has many years of experience of teaching Usui Reiki courses and offers the chance to learn one to one, or in small groups. (Course dates are flexible to suit you!)
She feels this gives the students a more relaxed yet focused atmosphere in which to learn.
Inner Kalm's Usui Reiki Courses are enjoyable and informal yet thorough. Many happy students of all ages have been attuned to all levels of training throughout the years. A well written training manual is supplied, as well as continual guidance as and when required! Courses on the day include practical experience and copy of Usui lineage.

If you have previously learned Reiki but feel unsure, if you feel your training was a little lacking or that time has passed and you have forgotten much of what you were taught - then dont worry. You have the option to do a refresher course. This means as long as you can supply some details of your past training, you can re-learn with Inner Kalm for a reduced price. Full manual and attunements will be given over the half day course. Contact Normalene for details.

Lack of money shouldn't be a barrier to learning reiki if your heart is drawn to healing. If you are in receipt of benefits or undergoing hardship then contact us for information on learning reiki at reduced rates.


Hypnotherapy and mind/life coaching is also available from Normalene and husband James, which can help with a multitude of issues, freeing people from problems, addictions, phobias and fears, promoting confidence and inner peace.
Fully qualified and registered Senior GHR Clinical Hypnotherapists.
Smoking Cessation specialists.

One to one sessions of calming meditation for complete beginners are bookable, which will allow you to learn how to relax anytime anywhere.
If you would like more information on our therapies and training, please check out our websites or Inner Kalm facebook page.

www.reiki-hypnosis.com and www.hypnosis-reiki-scotland

Opening Times

Opening Times: 10:00 am 9:00 pm- weekdays / and some weekends

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Burnbank Road, Grangemouth nr Falkirk Stirlingshire


2 Reviews/Comments on "INNER KALM REIKI"

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Janette Mccabe
Rating :

Just completed reiki 1 and 2 attunements with Inner Kalm. The training took place in a relaxed and friendly environment. Courses were fun to learn and very well presented! well done Inner Kalm and thankyou!

Wendy Hughson
Rating :

I’ve had Reiki Healing Twice, & Thoroughly Enjoyed It,
I Then Went For Training, I’ve Completed Reiki Level 1, Thank You Again Normalene, & James For Being The Guinea Pig, That I Could Practice On, I’ve Learned So Much From You’s.
I’m Still Practicing, & Hope To Do Some Healing On My Hubby Next Year, Highly Recommend 10/10.

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