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Reiki Master teacher and practitioner

Cardiff / Caerdydd, South Glamorgan, CF23 5AA
Phone: 029 20483451
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Reiki changed my life and it can change your life too. I have worked with Reiki energy for 14 years and use it all the time on myself as well as on my clients. Reiki opens you up psychically and is a self-development system as much as anything else.

Reiki is a joy to give to a friend, family member or client. It is also a joy to receive.
Everybody can do Reiki - all they need is to be attuned by a Reiki Master in person. (not on line)

Reiki uses the hands to channel Reiki energy into the client's body either through the biofield (aura) or with the hands placed on the body. It is like having a bath of warm sand and deeply relaxing.
Treatments available to help with stress, pain and insomnia and much more.
Try it and experience the magic of Reiki. Certificate and manual given at the end of the day on all levels.

Opening Times

Opening Times: 10-5.30pm Mon -Sat. Saturdays and Sundays are training days.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I am in the middle house next to Sands hairdressers.


2 Reviews/Comments on "Reiki Master teacher and practitioner"

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Justine Johnson
Rating :

Valerie Solis level of expertise always leaves me feeling so much better. A very competent and kind practitioner.

Meleri Bowen
Rating :

My sessions with Valerie Solis are always beneficial and I leave her treatment room as a completely different person. She has taught me so much during her Energy Medicine sessions, giving me exercises to practice at home. Her Reiki sessions also always ground me. I have recently claimed my Level 1 Reiki Certificate thanks to Val – this full day of learning was priceless. I highly recommend Val as a teacher and practitioner.

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