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Ray of Hope Therapies

Norwich, Norfolk, NR116HN
Phone: 07803386233
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Clare Church Pratt offers Reiki sessions for half one of an hour at her Aylsham Practise in a cozy therapy room. She uses Chakra crystals to help also balance chakras and uses her senses to find hot spots and issues in the aura and body. Clare offers a free 15 minute consultation for all new Cleints to ensure they have a Holistic approach to find what treatment will suit them best. Every one is unique and this is the best approach as not every one is drawn and responds well to the same things!
Clare trained in Glastonbury with Sharon Carrington of Lotus Reiki, Southampton and Clare was attuned to Level 1, 2 and Master Vibrations but is also an Adept with the Modern Mystery School, one of the 7 Great Mystery Schools of the World so holds much more light to help others after special attunements from Masters of the King Soloman lineage...please see the web site for more information. She is able to offer the wonderful and life changing Life Activation which can bring to life dormant DNA which may not have been fully accessed by the Client and they can start to experience much more of what they need coming in to their lives. She can also offer the Full Spirit Activation which takes things even further to link the Spirit to the Physical.
Clare can also offer Energy balancing in the aura working on many levels including chakras, elemental lines and 16 lotus petals - very relaxing. Also, the excellent Emotional Cord Cutting - available mobile only as Incense is involved.
Angel Card readings can also help the Client who may be at a Cross Roads.

Opening Times

Opening Times:
Thursdays 9.30am to 5.00pm
Fridays 9.30am to 5.00pm
Week ends Mobile on request
Tuesdays to Weds - Mobile on request
Clare is unavailable in July and August due to other business committments but is available most of September to June.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Stuart Rd has parking on the street and outside the house. 4 mins walk from the main Market Square in Aylsham.


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