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Master Practitioner of Karuna Reiki

Chorley, Lancashire, PR7
Phone: 07941 989887
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I (David) began working with healing energies after some spontaneous spiritual experiences in 1992.
I started Reiki in 93, and finally qualified in Usui Reiki at Master level in 95 with Sue, my wife (who had qualified with Hazel Raven).
Then we both took Karuna Reiki at Masters level in 1997 and Seichim Reiki at Masters level in 1999, all with Les Allen.
I've also studied the healing systems of (amongst others) Barbara Brennan, Douglas Baker and George Davis.

I prefer to heal in your home, using your couch, table or bed - I bring an adjustable stool to facilitate this. I'm over 60 and the floor is just too low for me to reach! Reiki is hands-on (and clothes-on) and it is helpful when you have another person present as a chaperone if needed, and who can get you water, and let me out when we have finished. Pets, phones and children need to be de-activated/silenced/rehoused for the hour or so healing usually takes.

Cost depends on your ability to pay, but it's more of a donation really, to keep things even between us. If you have a particular wish to use other premises than your home, then I can arrange this at your expense.

I also work as a therapist in private practice - this work I keep separate from my work as a healer, for professional reasons. Of course I'm sure the energy, and the awareness of energy, helps my success in that work too.

Opening Times

Opening Times: No fixed working hours, although I would expect a larger donation for evenings and weekends!

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Mobile service, based in Chorley.


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