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Reiki in Tring, Hertfordshire

Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 6BD
Phone: 07958770217
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Learning Reiki is an effective and practical way of looking at the inner self, becoming aware of your energy management and embracing the skills that combine your rational and your intuitive mind. Angie has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for twelve years and has taught many people throughout that time combining a practical and spiritual approach.

Reiki for self development

Angie teaches Reiki to help facilitate people in their personal journeys, the emphasis is on Reiki as a tool for self development. Angie\'s students greatly benefit from learning Reiki with her as it allows them to truly begin to trust and believe in their own abilities and more importantly to apply them confidently.

As the courses are taught on a one to one basis or in small groups, so that you have all the time you need in order to fully comprehend the energetic processes involved, and include focused tuition time and home study, providing the best possible platform for your learning.

After the course you will be fully equipped to use Reiki on yourself and others and have a solid understanding of the practice of Reiki. In order to maximise on your learning, you are also given the opportunity to meet and practice your skills throughout the year with other practitioners once you obtain your certificate.

How quickly can I expect to pick up the techniques?

At first you may think that it is difficult to learn, the basic Reiki techniques can be learnt relatively quickly, by the end of the training you will be competent at treating yourself and others. Like with any therapy, the more you practice and apply yourself, the better it gets.

Reiki courses are taught at Level 1 Beginners, Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Master and Level 4 Teacher.

After your initial Reiki training, you have the opportunity to take the Advanced Practitioner Additional Training Skills Course. This is a wonderful one day course which supplements and supports the basic training and gives you invaluable extra tools so that you have the chance to learn intuitive techniques which make your treatments powerful and unique.

What is the course structure?

At Level/Degree 1 the emphasis is on healing the self. All healing begins with self healing, which can lead to deeper understanding of the mind and body with more focus and objectivity.

At Level/Degree 2 you learn further techniques to heal your environment as well as distance and emotional healing for others. All courses are certified practitioner courses. This means after qualifying you are able to practice on members of the public after obtaining the relevant insurance policy.

Information on Master/Teacher training courses are available on request. These are 3 – 6 month apprenticeships with a large emphasis on detailed case studies and additional skills.

Levels 1 and 2 are both taught over 2 days. The first day covers essential groundwork and includes modules of home study in order to maximise on your learning. The second day explores further tools and techniques to add to your practice. Home study and case study work is an important aspect of the courses, which greatly support the foundation of your understanding and experience.

Angie teaches the traditional Usui Reiki course material together with intuitive techniques and advice on energy management and protection. It is also strongly recommended that you have experience of receiving Reiki treatments as part of your personal healing prior to undertaking any training.

All courses are run with integrity and so all students are asked that they prepare to dedicate their practice and study of this discipline to their self development with honesty and openness. Prior to any course Angie will tune in to confirm whether she is the best practitioner for you and if the timing is right.

Reiki Degree/Level 1 Certified Practitioner Course: Beginners Level. (Over 2 days)

*Reiki attunements

*The history and principles of Reiki

*Meditation and Reiki

*Self treatment and Treating others

*Balancing the chakras **

*Express treatments

*Grounding centering and protection**

*Case studies**

Reiki Degree/Level 2 Certified Practitioner Course: Intermediate Level. (Over 2 days)

*Reiki attunements

*Research and uses of Reiki

*The Reiki symbols and Treating using the symbols

*Space clearing

*Distance healing

*Emotional healing

*Grounding centering and protection**

*Case studies**

**These are all additional modules that Angie includes within your training, which are built in to the course to enhance your understanding of energy healing and give you a fulfilling set of tools to use within your Reiki work.

Reiki Master and Teacher training are apprenticeships lasting three to six months with indepth case study work. Please ask for more details if you are interested.

Course Fees

Reiki 1 over 2 days = £250 one to one tuition rates listed, group prices (by arrangement) are £50 less

Reiki 2 over 2 days = £275 one to one tuition rates listed, group prices (by arrangement) are £50 less

Reiki Master Training = £325 and Reiki Teacher Training = £225

What people say about Angie’s Reiki Courses.....

"Everything has been beneficial during my Reiki training and healing treatments... it opens so many perspectives into your life. Every treatment is a wave of energy and every attunement is a step further into a new life direction. It gave me answers about life and its purpose. It gave a direction for my life, and a new confidence to face any events with a positive attitude."

CD, Administrative Manager

I have gained great insight into Reiki and the enormous benefits it has provided to me and in the future, family, friends & clients. I am a calmer, more relaxed person. What a wonderful experience, highly recommend the course & Angie.\"

VJDF, Finance

\"I met Angie when I was looking for a Reiki teacher a couple of years ago. I learned Reiki levels one and two with her, and have also had some Reiki treatments with her. I found Angie to be a sensitive and wonderful teacher who has great sincerity and insight into her students/ clients needs. As a student and client of Angie\'s I feel listened to, and well contained by her gentle healing energy. I highly recommend her for healing work and for anyone wanting to learn Reiki.\"

CF, RGN, Hypnotherapist (GHR reg.)

"I found the course an enjoyable and amazing experience. I wasn\'t expecting it to be so powerful and feel so connected with the experience and the group. I felt safe to share my experiences and ask any questions that I needed to and was satisfied and confident with what I took away from the course. Since I have noticed that I have been able to relate to things in a more positive way and have more clarity with things, some of these things I have felt stuck with for a long time. I have been able to use reiki at my workplace on clients, my family, friends and myself have benefited so I feel privileged be attuned and involved in this healing."

AB, Drugs Worker

Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesday - Friday 10 am to 3pm (Treatments)
Saturday 10am to 1pm (Treatments)
Special hours for Reiki Courses, school hours available for parents.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Tring, Hertfordshire


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