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Reiki Master Amethyst

Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO49LP
Phone: 02392429570 / 07914762293
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I offerReiki Healing Therapy in person but appointment need to be schedule via telephone or email. I also do distance Reiki Healing Therapy which is on appointment as well via email or telephone. I have done some workshops for those who where interested to learn about Reiki> Unfortunately due to lack of space I take only two students at a time now. In the future I going to organise groups of five in the evenings those who are interested are welcome to contact me to join in.

I wrote a little what is Reiki ? mostly for those who are new to this technique to have a look in which ways Reiki can be helpful to you.Please bear in mind that Reiki is a treatement and each case is different.some people needs more sessions to feel better, some less and some has adopted it like a routine in their life. They want to do it every week , three times a week or once a montn as each of us is unique so our experience will not be the same. I also wanted to add during the reiki session each of us reacts differently to it, some feels cold, hot, some feels energy around their body, some feels energy vibrating in their body and some feels see colours etc.

Reiki is a natural, simple and pure Japanese technique which helps to reduce stress and promotes rela​xation and healing. It is an ancient healing arts which is chanelled through the hands. It was rediscovered by the Japanese scholar and Monk Dr Mikao Usui , who decided to fashion the name REIKI.

REIKI is a two syllable Japanese word which means Universal Force. REI means Universal where as KI is a non physical vitality that gives life to all living things which is known as energy in many different cultures.

REIKI is holistic and unique as it is the highest and most profound vibration of Life. It works on the body, mind and spirit. It stimulates our own natural healing abilities.It unblocks emotional and physical elements that may lead to illness and diseases.REIKI is a pure unconditional love and joy bringing all who experience and embrace it. Reiki is for everyone , it can be used for an elderly, child, a baby, a pet and an adult.

Reiki enhances spiritual connection and it balances the energies in the body. It clears and cleanse emotions and promotes personal awareness. It fosters natural self healing and helps in grieving moments. Reiki can be a tool to enhance deep connection with others in your environment. Reiki brings peace, harmony and even strengthen relationships. Reiki adapts to the needs of the recipient such as reducing swing moods, fears, pannick attack, frustration, distress, sorrows, and deep anger. Reiki speeds up recovery of injury or surgery even longterm illness. It relieves pain and discomfort such as migrane, arthritis, chronic fatigue, menopause symptoms and insomnia. Reiki Therapy is a magical experience which is meditative and refreshing for both the practitioner and the receiver.

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Opening Times: on appointment

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Location/Directions Info: I m actually working at home


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