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Simply Scentered Holistic Therapies

Leslie, Fife, Ky63ax
Phone: 07727413997
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Simply Scentered Holistic Therapies is a brand new business offering a variety of holistic treatments in Leslie, Fife. There isn't another salon like it in leslie and whilst there are beauty salons and hairdressers, none of them offer the same holistic services on my treatment list.
My beauty training started in 2011 which led to an A grade HND. I went on to study further and have now gained certificates in reiki, crystal therapy, meditation, life coaching and hypnotherapy. During this additional training i was employed at a couple of franchise type salons/spas where I learned that these places were mostly target driven, and as much as they claimed to be customer focussed, there was actually very little time spent focussing on the clients needs and more time spent on selling the products. This meant that the service the client received was not 100% tailored to suit them. It was very much like a conveyor belt. Corners were cut. Clients were lied to about the products that were being used in their treatments and most of these services were completely overpriced. To use cheaper brands instead of the advertised high end ones was not how I wanted to work. I wanted it to be a personal, tailored and genuine service. I knew right from the start that i wanted to treat my client as a whole person and not just a number or a symptom. I wanted to spend time getting to know them and understanding how they arrived at my door. I wanted to listen to their story. I am a healer and I wanted to heal people with whatever method best suited them. This also meant that any products i was going to use needed to be natural, cruelty free and still be affordable. They needed to be available to as many people as possible but I also wanted to try and source them from a local business. I didn't want to use overpriced big brand names.  After all, I was a small business starting from scratch and I wanted to be able to help others.
This need for honesty with my clients has brought me to where I am now, providing a tailor made holistic service using home made natural products...my next goal is to find a facial skin care range. Watch this space, i might end up making it myself.


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