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My Vibrant Vibes

Darlington, Durham, DL3 7DP
Phone: +447850574009
Website Address: www.myvibrantvibes.co.uk
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You are a truly Amazing person, and you deserve to stay that way and Reiki will empower you , here at Darlington Wellbeing Centre situated in the heart of Darlington, County Durham. We will help you take care of yourself using  our expert knowledge.

Some of the benefits our clients have experienced from Reiki healing

Emotional Benefits

  • Our Reiki healing has helped to remove mental blockages which had stopped some of our clients progressing in their lives
  • It has them helped them to gain clarity, direction and focus
  • Provided healing to better manage separation, divorce and bereavement
  • Reiki has helped to boost confidence, helping them to change their mindset, increase their self-worth and reduce negative thinking
  • Other benefits have included: improved personal & professional relationships and how others interact with you

Physical benefits

  • The healing techniques  have helped to improve sleep, bringing about better sleep, deeper sleep
  • Reiki has helped our  clients who are suffering from chronic tiredness and fatique
  • Over many sessions, Reiki helped to lessen pain , improving their quality of life

Mental Benefits

  • By discovering root causes of mental health conditions helped me to fine tune the healing, bringing about positive results for clients suffering from: anger issues, anxiety attacks and depression.
  • One of the biggest benefits that Reiki healing brings is helping those suffering from stress.  I’t has helped many to deal with this silent danger by performing intense healing during a session, and providing takeaway techniques to enhance the healing.

“Reiki” is a Japanese energy healing system which uses Universal Life Energy to promote self healing, inner peace, and a sense of well being. This is a non invasive treatment and you will not be required to remove any clothing during this treatment.

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us, and we experience a sense of well being.

We are Qualified Reiki Practitioners in Darlington, North Yorkshire, County Durham.



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