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Tranquil Rose Therapies

Ottery St Mary, Devon, EX11 1JA
Phone: 01404 814251
Website Address: https://tranquilrosetherapies.vpweb.co.uk/default.html
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Tranquil Rose Therapies is set in lovely peaceful home setting with far reaching views and offers a wide selection of Chinese 'Tui Na' Massage Treatments and  Reiki all with especially blended Aromatherapy oils burnt throughout your treatment for your added relaxation and healing.

Kirstie is an experienced and qualified Reiki Master. Reiki is probably the most relaxing of therapies, unlike massage there are no manipulations or presses, just the gentle laying on of hands, which hover on or just above your clothed body radiating the warm glow of 'hands on' or 'spriritual' healing. Reiki can help ease aches, pains and injuries, relieve emotional problems and promote recovery, and is safe to use alongside all other Treatments, both traditional and holistic.

She also practices Chinese Massage which works on various Acupressure points to help restore balance and harmony and the free flow of 'chi' , our bodies own natural energy pathways. This in turn creates a deep state of relaxation and healing from a wide number of problems including aches and pains, back pain, sciatica, bladder problems, tennis elbow, RSI, migraines, hot flushes and much more.

Client's often tell Kirstie that her Treatments are truly unique. As she is blessed with the gift of healing hands', Kirstie often finds that this comes on alongside all other Massage Therapies. This combined with the Reiki or Massage Treatment itself, plus the personally tailored Aromatherapy, can often have quite a dramatic healing effect, with clients reporting physical symptoms easing, emotional problems calmed and sleep much improved. By repeatedly rebalancing the body in such an intensely effective way, this can significantly improve overall well-being in the long term.

You can also book in for a Psychic Reading, come to workshops or be attuned to Reiki .  Please see the Tranquil Rose Therapies website and Facebook pages for updates and to find out more.


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