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Glow Reiki – Anna Monaghan, Reiki Therapist

Buxton, Derbyshire, Sk176rw
Phone: 07734920413
Website Address: www.glow-reiki.com
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If you are seeking to find balance, vitality and happiness in your life, I would love to offer you Reiki to inspire and empower you on your journey towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change and well-being!

Energy or 'Ki' flows through all living things, and a person's energy should be strong and free flowing in order to support optimal physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.  As a result of life experiences, such as illness, surgery, traumatic events, stress, bereavement, anxiety, etc, this energy can become weakened or may not flow as easily; these changes to energy flow can then give rise to a wide range of issues, such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, pain, addiction, relationship problems, issues with weight, etc.

Reiki, originating in Japan, is made up of two Japanese words, 'Rei', meaning 'Universal Life' and 'Ki', meaning 'Energy'. It is an individual, non-invasive, complementary therapy which, alongside traditional medical approaches, and other complementary therapies, can address problems, by helping to restore optimal energy flow and balance.  It can also be used in a preventative way to help stop the problems arising in the first place.

Reiki is creative and intuitive, and aims to allow you to reach your full potential in every aspect of your life. Unlike some other types of therapy, Reiki is not specifically a talking therapy, making this a very private, personal and discrete form of health improvement and self-development.

Therefore, during sessions, with the client fully clothed and either seated or lying down, Reiki Universal Life Energy is channelled through the palms of my hands, either through gently placing hands on or just above certain points on their body, to help facilitate stronger and improved energy flow.  Unlike some other types of therapy, it is not specifically a talking therapy, making this a very private, personal and discrete form of health improvement and self-development. The energy flow between my hands and a client is very individual and is directed and shaped by what is subconsciously most needed for them at that time. For that reason, the experiences and sensations are very different from person to person during a session, and can also be different from session to session for the same person.  Please check out my website for more information and reviews.

Please feel free to call me or to email me for more information or to arrange a session.  I can offer you Face to Face Reiki sessions in my own therapy room at my home or in the privacy of your home.  Distance Reiki sessions can also be carried out, where a full Reiki healing session can be sent remotely to you, wherever you are.  Please take a look at my website for more information and reviews about Distance Reiki.  Please also check out the following link about my friend's recent experience of Distance Reiki sent to her in France https://notesfromlechassaing.co.uk/reiki


  • £25 for full Face to Face Reiki Session (1 hour)
  • £20 for full Distance Reiki Session (1 hour) - BOOK NOW AS SPECIAL £15 OFFER FOR WHOLE OF JUNE 2020!  
  • for home visits, there are no travel costs for visits within a 10 mile radius of Buxton, but 45p is charged outside of this

I'm very happy to provide vouchers for a gift of your choice.  Please also call me if you would like to discuss how Reiki might be incorporated into group events, such as birthday parties, pre-wedding relaxation treatments, festivals, well-being events, etc.


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Elizabeth Burt-Devani
Elizabeth Burt-Devani
Rating :
I would describe myself as a generally busy person and trying to carve out any ‘me’ time can be a challenge. Anna introduced me to reiki and with her pragmatic, down to earth attitude suggested I try it. I look froward to all my sessions. Anna is really quite amazing and her ability is endless. She is very modest and professional in her approach. Reiki always gives me the boost I need. Following my sessions I feel energised with clarity of mind. For me it’s not always about relaxing, but as Anna always says, ‘Reiki provides you with what you… Read more »

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