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The Whole of You

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh
Phone: 0131 476 0815 or 07734 441 003
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My Reiki lineage is fairly short, and powerful, having come to Sai Baba from Mrs Takata then through just three others. The power of reiki has also increased since 2012 as many layers of negativity have been lifted (and continuing to lift) from the planet.

If you are on this site reading about Reiki you have certainly already stepped on the path of personal/spiritual growth and will be experiencing an increasing amount of turmoil or unease in your life. This is of course due to an agreement that nothing now is hidden from you. Unfortunately we are not taught how to cope with this in normal life!

Reiki is both a powerful and gentle tool for clearing and healing; in a session if I sense that the issue you have come with needs conscious attention (if we simply clear energy from clients that has not yet been consciously acknowledged then it will simply come back - this is one explanation for why so many problems never seem to clear despite repeated healing) I will employ other therapeutic methods to guide you through release. All held within the nurturing framework of Reiki.

Beyond what has contributed to an issue through life events are so many other factors, all of which are addressed in a session if possible. These include:

*Past lives
*Energy from others
*Collective unconsciousness/peer based influence
*Spirit attachments
* Soul trauma
*Genetic/ancestral/family patterns and beliefs

Please visit my website or contact me direct about Reiki Attunements were I will go into all of the above in greater detail.

If you have queries please do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!

Opening Times

Opening Times: I am available most weekdays, a couple of evenings a week and on Saturdays

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Portobello, (near center of Portobello), Edinburgh
OMH Therapies, 1A Randolph Crescent (West End, Edinburgh)
The Mews, Inverleith Place Lane (near the Botanic Gardens)


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