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Reiki with Gabriella

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP13 5XZ
Website Address: http://gabriellalewis.co.uk/
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Treatment is given by Gabriella placing her hands gently on your body in a  sequence of hand positions, spending several minutes holding each position.

These hand positions are non-intrusive, can cover both the front and back of the body and are varied to give Reiki to areas where it is specifically needed. If you find any of the hand positions uncomfortable please let the practitioner know. It should feel gentle, light & comfortable.

There is no massage or manipulation that takes place in a pure Reiki session.You may feel sensations such as heat, tingling or coolness under the practitioners’ hands as the energy flows, or in other parts of your body, or you may feel very little. Most commonly people experience a sense of well being, calm and relaxation, you may fall asleep or feel energized during the treatment. There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki.


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