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Reiki - Branch End

Branch End is part of the village of Stocksfield in Northumberland, England. It is situated at the junction of the A695 road with New Ridley Road. It lies 1 mile east of Stocksfield Station, between Hexham and Newcastle upon Tyne. Wikipedia

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Angela Graham-Barrie

Langholm, Dumfries, DG13 0NY
Phone: 07808503091
Website Address: www.taichiscotland.org
Summary: Reiki. A technique offering deep relaxation which helps the body to heal. It strengthens the immune system with inner vitality giving a sense of [...]
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Distance: 21.51 miles.

The Kelso Reiki Room

Kelso, Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale, TD5 7JD
Phone: 07738638486
Summary: I run a friendly and professional clinic in Kelso offering 9 different therapies including Crystal Healing, Reiki, Nutritional advice and Massage. We recognise and [...]
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Distance: 23.43 miles.
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