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Reiki - West Burton

West Burton is a village in Bishopdale, a side valley of Wensleydale, in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, England. It lies 6.2 miles south west of Leyburn and 22.3 miles west of the County Town of Northallerton. Wikipedia

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Flowing with Reiki CPD Day

Mar 2020
Burneston, Burneston North Yorkshire
Summary: Flowing with Reiki allows us time to explore Reiki in a different way. You will learn some of the 'original' Japanese techniques as taught by Dr Usui, including Byosen scanning, [...]

Enhancing your Distant Healing Practice

Mar 2020
Burneston , Bedale, BEDALE North yorkshire
Summary: This is a full day with Reiki! We will be exploring and creating crystal grids to hold your distance healing intentions, doing some distance healing and even a reiki swap  [...]

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