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Reiki - Hill of Beath

Hill of Beath is a hill and a village in Fife, Scotland just outside Dunfermline and joined to Cowdenbeath. The Hill of Beath was the location of a celebrated meeting of the Covenanters at which John Blackadder was one of the preachers. Wikipedia

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Reiki Healing Energy

Shotts, Lanarkshire, Ml74AB
Phone: 07496446282‬‬
Summary: A Reiki Treatment is an individual experience and usually feels relaxing, gentle and nurturing. Reiki assists your body to heal on all levels by [...]
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Distance: 25 miles.

Learn Reiki Level 1 in Scotland

Jun 2020
Private Residence, Crombie Point Fife
Summary: Get ready to change your life - Begin your Reiki Journey today. Reiki, even at Level 1 could be the introduction to your spiritual path as well as being a [...]

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