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Weeley Heath is a village on the B1441 road and the B1414 road, in the Tendring district, in the English county of Essex. Nearby settlements include the villages of Weeley and Little Clacton. Wikipedia

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Linda Culleton

Sible Hedingham, Essex, CO9 3NU
Phone: 07747 807839
Summary: A deeply relaxing treatment. Acupuncture is used generally for relaxation, de-stressing and balancing Qi energy that flows around the meridians over a twenty four [...]
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Distance: 24.83 miles.

Reiki First Degree Workshop (Shoden)

Apr 2020
Natural Health Centre, Woodbridge Suffolk
Summary: An introductory course in reiki healing, suitable for anyone who is drawn to learn a healing technique. Your course includes a comprehensive manual with two accompanying CDs and a full [...]

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