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Henry Pease was an English railway owner, peace campaigner and a Liberal politician who represented Durham South. Pease, a member of the Quaker Pease family of Darlington, was the fifth son of Edward Pease. Wikipedia

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Spiritually Connected – Restoring Your Equalibrium

Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 2HL
Phone: 07803412633
Website Address: www.spirituallyconnected.co.uk
Summary: About Me Welcome to Spiritually Connected and Thank you for visiting my page. ​ My name is Becky Marshall, I am a Natural Born Healer. I am [...]
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Distance: 24.34 miles.

Despair To Repair

Stanley, West Yorkshire, DH9 0JE
Phone: 07880707833
Summary: I know what it feels like to reach that cross roads in life and not know which way to turn or who to turn [...]
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Distance: 24.4 miles.

Aura Gold Reiki Training

Consett, Durham
Phone: 07708005266
Website Address: www.auragoldreikitraining.com
Summary: Hello my name is Simone, I am a Usui & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Therapist. Reiki has always been in my life although [...]
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Distance: 24.86 miles.
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