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Dogrose Therapies, Reiki Practitioner

Worcester, Worcestershire, WR8 9LJ
Phone: 07816 210903
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"Reiki can be a relaxing, emotional and spiritual experience. Donna is inspiring and has amazing intuition. She embodies peace, positive energy and warmth. Reiki has certainly improved my wellbeing and I can wholeheartedly recommend Donna" (Sue, Malvern)

Reiki is a holistic therapy, that is it treats the body and mind as a whole. For example, an emotional upset may give you physical symptoms and vice versa. Reiki aims to help relieve physical symptoms, work on their causes and manage stress and emotional difficulties. It can help promote a more positive attitude to life’s challenges.

It is not invasive and is totally natural and safe.

Many people find Reiki treatments deeply relaxing and calming. You are allowing yourself a period of time to be totally focused on yourself. Reiki is a very emotionally supportive therapy and can help you find the energy to deal with underlying issues. We all choose what we want to deal with and when on some level, in my personal experience Reiki allows me to deal with issues in bite-sized chunks, never more than I feel I can cope with but still feeling like I\'m moving forward.

As Reiki gives a relaxing boost many people find it particularly useful when dealing with stress related issues, anxiety, grief, exhaustion, relationship and emotional issues though, as a holistic therapy, Reiki will work on whatever you most need to help you reach a balanced state, where your body can work effectively to heal itself.

Having received Reiki for many years & found it to be of tremendous benefit in my own life, I decided to train to become a Reiki practitioner myself. Once qualified to offer Reiki to clients, I have really enjoyed setting up my own practice, helping clients to deal with issues as diverse as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, anger with past events and physical ailments. I also organise a small, informal group of Reiki practitioners who get together to send Reiki to both individuals and world events. Practising Reiki is such a positive experience and I feel very blessed to be able to share this.

It's important for my clients to be reassured by knowing that I'm fully insured and also that I\'m a member of a professional body, the Guild of Holistic Therapists.

I also offer treatments at Mind, Body & Soul Therapy Centre, Malvern.

Donna Williams, MGHT


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