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RELAX – Head to Toes

Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, WR8 0HG
Phone: 07854 193138
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Holistic Therapies treat the body as a whole; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

These natural therapies have been practised for thousands of years, they promote well being and calm in these busy and stressful lives that we lead.
Stress can cause all kind of ailments and is believed to be a major cause of illness today

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5 Reviews/Comments on "RELAX – Head to Toes"

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Anne Crawford
Rating :

20 minutes well spent really benefiting mind and body

Rating :

This was my first ever reiki session, I found it very calming and relaxing.
I felt like I was floating and buzzing during the session, and had a great sense of peace afterwards 🙂
I would definitely have more, and recommend everyone should have this treatment just to experience reiki for themselves.

Rating :

A warm and friendly enviroment, made me feel instantly at ease and I felt relaxed and refreshed after my treatments. Head to Toes has so many therapies to offer so there is something to suit everybody. I have had a lovely hand massage, several wonderful Reiki sessions, a relaxing reflexology treatment and a fab Indian Head massage which I loved as it included an upper back massage. I have just booked in for my next treatment as these therapies help me to cope with the stresses of modern day living!

lizzi rokket
Rating :

This was my first reiki session and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to experience relaxation and healing in any way.
I felt quite floaty and buzzing all the way through, and very peaceful afterwards 🙂

Sharon Westwood
Rating :

have had several relaxing Reiki treatments that banishes the stresses of the day, highly recommended!

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