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Mary Gold Reiki

Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, WR14 4LQ
Phone: 07929961280
Website Address: Reiki Share Malvern Wells on Facebook
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I am attuned to level 1,2,3, Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki (Hawaii)

I treated people with Aromatherapy massage for 20 years.

I learned Reflexology to the Advanced level in 1998 to 2000

I now practice colour healing.

I run a reiki share group for reiki practitioners of all levels and all schools every Tuesday evening in my home.



The facebbook page is Reiki Share Malvern Wells

Opening Times

Opening Times: 7 to 9 pm Tuesday weeknight and private individual treatments Wednesday morning

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Essington House, Holy Well Road. On arrival look for a pair of glass doors. Ring buzzer no 5 (MARY)


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