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Charlotte Blackwood Ascension Healer

Malvern Link, Worcestershire, WR14 1TY
Phone: 07732 138131
Website Address: www.charlotteblackwood.com
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My Reiki Journey

I was inspired to begin my Reiki journey after leaving an abusive relationship.

The healing energy of Reiki became instrumental in my recovery mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I experienced times of deep depression where I couldn’t even get out of bed before receiving a self healing.

With Reiki balancing my energy system and opening me up spiritually I raised my vibration and moved forward in life full force to conquer all the obstacles that lay before me.

I used Reiki to help manifest a new home which gave us a fresh start and my eldest son his own bedroom.

I continue to use Reiki in daily life. Reiki helps to ease my sons painful symptoms, to calm my autistic children and improve sleep to mention a few.

I have trained in Usui Reiki to Master Teacher level. When healing I work with Sensei Usui who rediscovered Reiki in the 1900’s.

I often invoke the Angels to join us during the healing too. There is no need to be attuned to Angels to work with them. They are sentient beings that are ready and waiting to support anyone who asks!

Reiki is so much more than just a healing system, Reiki truly becomes a way of living!


As your Reiki Master Teacher we embark upon a journey for life where I will always be here for support.

Reiki 1

Reiki First Degree is focused on customising to the Reiki energy through self healing.

Healing your past experiences, releasing limiting beliefs, old patterns and blocks.

Clearing and balancing your energy system.

Becoming a clear channel.


Reiki 2

Reiki Second Degree is training to become a practitioner.

Being a practitioner means you can charge for your sessions.

You receive another Reiki symbol distance healing during this attunement. This not only benefits healing others at a distance but can be used for healing past lives.

As an added bonus I provide business training to help you set up your Reiki Practice which isn’t included in most Master Teachers training but I feel it is essential knowledge for practitioners and wish to give my students the best start in their Reiki business.


Reiki 3

Reiki Third Degree is training to become a Master Teacher.

Being a Master Teacher means you can teach Reiki to others as I do.

During this attunement you receive the Master Teacher symbol.

I provide you with training manuals you can use with your students so you can start teaching right away but I strongly encourage you and support you to write your own.


Each level of attunement deepens your understanding and connection to the Reiki energy. As these deepen the healing energy feels stronger.

Reiki is a truly spiritual journey.


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Karen Gubbins
Rating :

I went to Lisa for 1st degree attunemeant, not knowing what to expect. I came away having had a very profound experience. Lisa was so lovely, took everything at my pace, explained everything so well and is so encouraging. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Lisa for the Reiki

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