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Emma Greenaway Reiki Master Teacher

Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, Wr97pn
Phone: 07878171435
Website Address: shavasana-holistics.com
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I have been on my Reiki journey since 2010, embracing every experience I have with helping others find healing in the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional bodies.

I am a master teacher level and can offer Reiki attunments to all who wish to work with the energies to self heal and give this wonderful gift to others.

What you can expect from my therapy is a relaxing time, many of my clients tell me they sleep well the night after the therapy and experienced relief from pain.

I will provide refreshment after the therapy and will leave time to chat about your experience at the end if you want to, I feel it helps to release any energy blocks and a way of grounding before I leave you to go about your day.




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