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SOUL-SHIFT by Liz Keedy – Soul Readings & Guidance, Online Shop & Blog

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 7TQ
Phone: 07491636960
Website Address: www.lizkeedy.com
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A SOUL-SHIFT is moment in life when your Soul sends a signal for transformation to begin. Life will never be the same again.

Synchronicty will guide you to the right people, the tools needed, and the right time for the transformation to begin.

The past will be released, allowing space for love, light and truth to fill your life. The journey is not always easy, but you will never be alone. I can help you on this journey to find your way. I can guide you towards your life purpose and help you to find well-being and balance.

As an intuitive Empath and a Psychic Medium, I connect to the Angels, Fairies and Spirit Guides to deliver messages of love and guidance. I can also connect to your Soul to discover the agreements that were made prior to your incarnation, so that you can understand your role upon Earth.

With an open heart and mind, I can help you to see the beautiful Soul that you are


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