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Ann Burness Reiki

Kingstanding, West Midlands, B44 8QR
Phone: 07521 447642
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My name is Ann Burness, I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and  have been using Reiki for eleven years with people and animals.   All of the studying I have done has been through courses that have been approved with the UK Reiki Federation, so fulfil the National Occupational Standards for Complementary and Natural Healthcare.  I am a UK Reiki Federation member and this involves continued professional development, I meet this through reading, and attending regular mentoring and training events, to help keep me informed of new ideas and techniques.  I have also completed a short Animal Reiki course through a different training provider.  After completing my Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship, I am now enjoying the really exciting bit - offering my own Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and Level 3 will be available later this year.   I am really enjoying sharing my knowledge and experiences and helping other people begin their own Reiki journey!  Information about my training courses, and available dates, are on my website annburnessreiki.com.  There are also details on the 'Events' section on this website - if the listed dates are not suitable, always ask because I may well be able to change the course to a different date, or add a separate date in, I can also sometimes offer courses during  the weekdays as well.  

Reiki is simply beautiful, and how privileged we are to be able to use this gentle but powerful energy alongside, but not as an alternative to conventional medicine.  Reiki is always used only for good, not linked to any religion, and can be enjoyed by all age groups and states of health.  Reiki is deeply relaxing, calming, and can help us cope with day to day pressures and stresses by bringing balance to mind, body and emotions.  I adore using Reiki and would love to help you begin your healing journey.

My aim as a practitioner is to channel this wonderful energy to help you begin to heal yourself, bringing peace and restoring harmony.  Many people who enjoy Reiki frequently find their overall state of mind is more positive and they are able to live in that 'now' moment more often, rather than continually worrying about the past and the future.

Dogs, cats and other animals also enjoy the effects of this beautiful energy they seem to instinctively know that it will help them heal themselves.  Just like we do, animals experience a variety of emotions, and physical pain.  Using Reiki can help them during times where they feel anxious, depressed or in pain.

A full treatment generally lasts for around 45-60 minutes, but sometimes longer depending upon need.  Having a treatment does not involve removal of any clothing, other than shoes and coats.  When having a treatment, you can relax lying down on a treatment table with a soft fleece for added comfort and warmth, and I will gently place my hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on your body.  Alternatively, you can be seated on a chair if this is preferred and these treatments generally last for around 30-35 minutes - receiving Reiki in this way can be helpful if you have back pain and lying on a treatment table is difficult for you, it also allows energy to target a specific area.

Reiki can also be sent - sounds completely whacky doesn't it!  You will still benefit from the effects of the Reiki energy when receiving through a distance treatment - I use a teddy bear as a 'surrogate'!  This is actually a very effective way of receiving Reiki, and feedback that I have received following distance treatments has always been really positive.

Each person experiences Reiki differently depending on their individual needs at the time.  Benefits reported by recipients include deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well-being, which may result in a reduction of physical pain.  During a treatment some people feel sensations of heat, cold, tingling or experience seeing colours or even visions, whilst others can have an emotional response.  Some people feel nothing at all, and this is absolutely fine because Reiki energy will always flow to where it is needed, and although no sensation may have been experienced, the recipient will still have received full benefit.

So if you have not experienced the joy of Reiki before, why not try a treatment, or even consider learning how to use it for yourself.

More details about Reiki treatments and training are available on my website: https://www.annburnessreiki.com

Gift Vouchers are also available, from the cost of a treatment up to the value of a training course.





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Opening Times: Flexible appointments

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Location/Directions Info: Close to Erdington, Pype Hayes, Great Barr, Sutton Coldfield


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Leigh Cassidy
Rating :

I first started to see Ann 12 months ago and can honestly say she has worked wonders! A very kind, genuine, caring lady. Always willing to listen and feel reassured every time. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

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