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Roohani Online Spiritual Help Experts in Spiritual Healing & Taweez/Talismans

Birmingham, West Midlands
Phone: 07734 408262
Website Address: https://roohanionlinespiritualhelp.co.uk
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I am from the Hanafi school of thought I am From the Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at movement,
From the age of 17 I have been practicing sufism From my Murshid/teacher I Have Got Bay’ah/I have given oath of allegiance in the Qadir Naqshbandi Rifai Tariqa/Sufi orders I Have Also received a Khodam From my beloved teacher what is Amil of Ilmu Khodam the Islamic Occult Art of Acquiring Angelic spiritual helpers Alhamdulillah If you would like to know more you can visit my blog  I speak about the topic in detail.The Khodam Is for helping people in need With spiritual problems and Spiritual healing And Medical problems alhamdulillah.

I try to worship Allah subhana Tala As much as I can I try to stay away from sin as much as I can I read the dalailu l khayrati Every day alhamdulillah I have received gifts from the Famous awliyā That have passed away Like Abdullah Shah Ghazi these gifts where passed down to my Murshid/spiritual guide to be given to me alhamdulillah some of them you can see in the Roohani/Spiritual items section of the website I am just a normal person that has been blessed with knowledge from My beloved Murshid/spiritual guide and From My beloved teacher what is Amil of Ilmu Khodam the Islamic Occult Art of Acquiring Angelic spiritual helpers I am nothing but a student of Sufism/Tasawwuf and Ilmu Khodam I am here to assist those in need of guidance, protection and assistance through Allah. I'm here to help others understand of Allah (swt) creation, not the ones we see daily. I Try my best to help everyone that I can I have helped Many people who are victims of black magic and related arts And in General Life Problems love job relationship luck finance business kids etc.. Alhamdulillah I can 100% Guarantee You that you will be successful inshallah as long as you put the time and effort in and follow my instructions that I give you regarding your situation I am a Spiritual Practitioner/Healer with more than 10 years of paranormal, occult and metaphysical experiences.

I use Many Methods of Islamic Spiritual Healing
Taweez / Talisman / Amulets / Spiritual Healing oils / Spiritual Healing Water / Spiritual Rohani-Noori Amliyat-Ritual All.My Healing Methods only use the power of the Holy Qur’aanic verses what are compliant with Sharia law Alhamdulillah I am also able to help people with general life problems inshallah that they are facing in their day-to-day life Relationship problems financial problems child etc Alhamdulillah the methods that are used to solve these sort of problems inshallah are the same as wot I have mentioned for the Spiritual Healing most of the time Islamic Taweez / Talisman / Amulets and Islamic Spiritual Rohani-Noori Amliyat-Ritual are the most effective methods solving these sort of issues inshallah (if God Wills).

My WhatsApp Number is 07734408262

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Opening Times: 24/7 Monday to Sunday

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Location/Directions Info: UK


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I never believed that distant healing could be so powerful. Wow… that was truly amazing! I felt the warmth and penetrating energy going through my body, right where I needed it. This was an incredible experience and I can’t wait until the next time.

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thank you for your healing amazing results

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