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Ascension Reiki and Angelic Attunements of Light

Birmingham, West Midlands
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This very special modality of natural healing combines traditional Usui Reiki with Angelic Reiki and includes teachings and symbols that make up the Ascension part of it.The latter are symbols and teachings that have been included that have been recently channeled that were previously lost to time as used in Atlantean times by the Ascended Masters.
This is Masters Reiki. It's students receive traditional and Angelic Attunements and learn to channel the Angels and Ascended Masters who feature very prominently in the healing given to the client. This can be a very powerful healing and as it's students are encouraged to work very intuitively this can result in a very deep healing taking place for the good of all involved.
Master Teacher Alan says " I have been very fortunate to be a teacher of this wonderful system of natural healing since 2006 now and it has never let me down. I have performed some wonderful healings in coalition with my guides and as the title suggests my psychic and healing abilities have ascended over time, so much so that I always sense the presence of any Angels or Ascended Masters when giving healing to my client, and am usually encouraged by the guides to use psychic surgery during the healing procedure as well as to lay certain sacred symbols over the bodies or Aura of the client to deal with any issues in the clients energy field to help them to heal. The kind of energy issues that I'm talking about here can mean energetic blockages or irregularities that I am guided to that can often make the client feel unwell or at odds with themselves and which have or can cause further problems if not removed. Sometimes the client will be unaware of them until I tell them during the end consultation. More often than not they will confirm to me of their prior knowledge of the blockage which has been causing them discomfort. This is a process of deep trust, and my Angels have opened my psychic abilities up over time to higher energies so that I can access their wisdom for all concerned. I feel very honoured. I would recommend anyone to try this system and to embark on their own Ascension".

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 09:30-16:30

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Location/Directions Info: West Midlands or anywhere invited considered.


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