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Angelic reiki-in the arms of the angels

Bearwood, West Midlands, B67 5LY
Phone: 07496769741
Website Address: http://in-the-arms-of-the-angels.business.site/
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Hi my name is Sam and I am an angelic reiki practitioner. I offer distant and face to face healing sessions. I am passionate about helping others to heal, grow and learn to live more peacefully.

Angelic reiki has transformed my life, and continues to do so....on a physical, emotional. Spiritual and soul level.

Reiki can help to give you a feeling of peace and rebalance. It can also be used in deeper sense to bring about healing, change and release of energy and patterns that do not serve your highest purpose. How amazing is that!!!

Sessions are currently distant.

Get in touch today and experience the true gift of receiving the beautiful energy and love from the angelic realms I look forward to hearing from you! Samx


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Joanne armstrong
Rating :

I hav felt very stressed due to the coronavirus outbreak, so I contacted Sam to do some reiki on me. Immediately, I felt a lot calmer and my anxiety level decreased. I was amazed by the effect it had and would recommend it to others. Jo Armstrong

maggie natolie
Rating :

I had some distant reiki from Sam and some visualisation exercises to do when I felt anger and frustration. My mood and my sleephas improved. Thank You Maggie Natolie

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