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Birchley Heath, Warwickshire, B18 6JE
Phone: 0788 791 8259
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Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher
Of The Usui Shiki Ryoho
system of natural healing

Practitioner and Teacher
of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai
system of healing

We are all on a journey and to spend time with interesting people, who have a kindred spirit, is a bonus. What this site is about is sharing the fact that we all come in various shapes, sizes, colours and creeds, but inside we are all the same. For my part I Worship the place in You where the universe resides, I Honour the place in You of Light, Love, Truth, Peace and Wisdom. I Honour the place in You where when You are in that place, And I am in that place we are Both one!

In the following pages you will see that I take You on a personal journey and how I arrived where I am today at peace with my body and mind. Its easy and doesn\'t take many minutes a day but it changes your life for the better and the great thing is, you are in complete control and costs less than a good haircut.

Take a short time to read the following pages (Reiki, Yoga, Hopi Ear Treatment, and Massage) and when you have read them, if you would like take the first step, make an appointment and I will help you.


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