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Dual Healing

Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE25 8JX
Phone: 0191 252 1575
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Hi I am Ron Reynolds, I qualified as a Master/Teacher in May 2011. Though I'm still a Partner in my Training Company up here in Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear I am now retired and work most days on my Holistic side, I was part of a Spiritual Development Group for some years and during one meditation session a Medium who happened to be there that evening, told me that I had the biggest healing hands she had ever seen ( I thought she was being funny as my hands are big), she said I should go into some form of Healing, I believe it was about 8 months later that I was given a book about Reiki by my wife, she had tried to get me into Reflexology but it did nothing for me. so I read her present, bingo! a light of interest came on and within a week I had booked into a Level 1 Reiki course, the problem was although the lady was very nice, I completed the course and knew nothing ("if you get my Gist"). well I got more books from some of the best Authors on Reiki and read and read, I got friends and worked with them and then I had a dream, about moving on in Reiki, so I searched the web for hours, and I was just going to switch off when I saw this link, it was the name that drew me in, me I am always looking for things that are new and different and this name implied just that.

As I mentioned earlier I had read many books on Reiki all were Western Style and all seemed to me to contradict each other, what I like to do when learning something special like Reiki is to get trained as near to the roots as possible, I continued my training working with a very traditional style of Reiki with a Master who had been taught the Japanese Usui way.

To cut a long story short my Master/Teacher sounded like a very nice lady, when I met her I discovered a new and very important person in my life and she still remains just that, I did the conversion of Level 1 and then I moved onto Level 2 and last year I did Master/Teacher course and things have changed dramatically, in my life because I have since found the Reiki Drum Technique, which drew me in hook line and sinker mainly because I have always had a love of drumming.

I can not say for definite but I think there is only one other Reiki Drum Master in the North East that I have heard of and I do know we are a rare breed, I found using the drum opened up my recipient sences and I feel I work much better than before.

My aim is to work with and train as many people as I can in Reiki and spread to word so\'s to speak about this little known and sometimes missunderstood energy healing I also work with clients using Emotional Freedom Techniques, and am looking at including this within my Reiki practice.

In June 2011 I joined a Reiki Drum Course and work mainly now with the Drumi, though I still give my Clients a choice of the drum or not, I must say most want to experience Reiki and Drumming, as very few have heard of it. Then last year I met Julie Rennie who guided me through my Reiki Drum Master Teacher course, from this I have developed Drum Circles which allow people to come and play a drum to their hearts content, very fullfilling and healing.
Since becoming a Drum Master I have opened to Shamanic Healing, Journeying and Menta & Emotional Reprograming all linked to Shamanic Healing but still mixing the Drum and Reiki process.

I also run Reiki Shares every Third Friday of the Month again from Heaven and Earth, starting at 7 pm.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 09.30 - 17.30 Treatments.
Sunday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Course training

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: All courses are held at Heaven and Earth, 157, Park View, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear opposite the cycle shop.


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Stephen Wheatley
Rating :

Ron is a brill bloke a good friend aswell as my reiki master

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