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The Peaceful Path

Woking, Surrey
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Reiki is a Japanese energy & de - stressing technique, which helps the body's own healing process promoting relaxation

Meaning Rei Universal

Ki Energy

The energy flows through all of us that's why we are alive.

Reiki has been seen as a path to enlightenment, reiki energy is energy from Universe & all things living, reiki allows us to tap into this energy, this can be used for yourself, to give treatments, become a practioner, reiki master & a teacher, anyone young, old, male or female can give & receive reiki

Reiki has many benefits

Deep relaxation, releif from pain, release of energy from supressed feelings, strengthens intuition, greater awareness of your full potential, blossoming of hidden talents & creativity & A greater sense of spiritual connection & great sense of well being

All courses can be taught in groups in person or as a distant course

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a system of Spiritual Awakening through empowerments & meditations

Kundalini helps all who seeks knowledge of Kundalini encouraging peace & Happiness, giving energies for the mind & body

Kundalini is the easiest & most powerful healing system & can take you on a wonderful healing/spiritual journey

A journey of healing & self realisation, this course opens & cleans the chakras & the main energy channels of the body to fascilitate the awakening power of Kundalini energy.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient healing system which has been used for 6000 years by Indian Tribes in Brazil, sacred symbols are used to heal by the power of Universal love, its a very simple, natural, effective & deepley spiritual power from Universal sourse allowing you to call for assistance & guidence & teaching a loving healing technique, when tapped into allows you the love & light

Love & light restores & balances our whole system

We are beings of spirit - Spirit in a human body


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