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Invite the Light

Guildford, Surrey, GU4 8SE
Phone: 07305 228644
Website Address: www.invitethelight.com
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“I believe that the very flora and fauna we have on our doorsteps is that which can re-connection each one of us with the song of our soul.”
Harriet is a seer, Reiki practitioner and Shamanic energy intuitive, working to kick-start peoples’ innate journey of awakening, through heart-space surgery, service to nature and the wisdom of Horse.
“Growing up on the Druid Mile, on the 132° Newlands Ley Line and within an ancient Yew tree circle, animal, plant and mineral spirits have been my guides from an early age.

Being carried on horseback before I could walk, playing with nature constellations in my early teens, “seeing” energetic blockages and potential within peoples’ auras, I have benefited hugely and graciously through the silent song of nature and of horse.”

At first, a partner, a compatriot, a co-explorer, four-hooved companions later became navigators, light-bearers, best friends and confidence-givers, always offering up new ways to teach us humans how to fly without wings.

Discovering yoga and meditation some 20 years ago, the key energetic practices started to wake up memories that were held so dear from childhood; of running wild in the woods at dusk, sitting in the long grasses in the sun, surrounded by butterflies and insects, co-navigating thundering hooves in a rain storm. Then later, building on studies with qualifications in Reiki, Vipassana meditation, food alchemy, animal communication, Shamanism, Horse Constellations, scrying, archery on horseback and a personal Re-Wilding retreat of seven years in Burgundy, Harriet was called back to her native England, to bring the message of “Re-wilding” forward.

She now works with clients from her base in the Surrey Hills, England, to (re)open the innate and unique pathways we each hold within each of us, (re)connecting each individual to nature, both outside and in.

I offer my unending gratitude to my teachers, Sara Fancy, Carolyn Resnick, Jess Campmans, SN Goenka, Light of Scientia, the lineage of Mikao Usui and Reiki Master, Seeliana, my partner and family for supporting my journey and my children for always being my best fans and allies.


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