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Invite the Light

Guildford, Surrey, gu1 3ua
Phone: 07305 228644
Website Address: www.invitethelight.net
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Hat Sa’Re works to reconnect people with their own true nature, their unique “Heart Note”, through communion with Gaia-Sophia.

As Shamanic Healer, Seer and Reiki practitioner, Hat works with Horse and Yew, as well as other animal, plant, fee, Norse and galactic guides.

Born a natural clairsentient, clairvoyant and intuitive, Hat began reading tarot 20 years ago. She now employs her multi-dimensional gifts to heal, channel, guide, support and activate the networks of light in the new Earth, the new paradigm. With interests in humanitarianism, romance, altruism, compassion and wild beauty, she is led by her heart, constantly realising her vision for harmony.

Having studied self-healing, self-love and metaphysics for the past 10 years, including Reiki and Vipassana, she is also trained in Shamanism, Horse Constellations, and archery on horseback. Recently having returned from her own personal re-wilding retreat of seven years in France, she continues to maintain strong ties with the country of Burgundy.


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