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I Feel Good Therapy Clinic

Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9PA
Phone: 07935651585
Website Address: www.ifeelgoodtherapy.com
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is a small, family complementary clinic was created with a pure passion by Beata and Jarek Dzwigol.

Their approach to business is based on holistic health and wellbeing. With over 10 years’ experience as Reiki Masters Teachers, Gong Masters Teachers, Healers and Complementary Therapists, Beata and Jarek provide a wide range of treatments and therapies to their clients, some who often referred to them by the NHS.

Constant client’s comments after their treatments “I feel good” and “I feel great” were the inspiration for the name of their clinic. Beata & Jarek believe that we all are unique and have individual needs and therefore tailor their treatments specifically for each client.

They teach The Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. Often they Reiki students provide they services to NHS, hospices, charities, to families and private clients.

Scientific research has proved that Reiki reduces pain, eliminates sicknesses and helps us recover from mental problems such as depression or stress.

Beata and Jarek believe that Reiki works by stimulating glands and internal organs which enables them to start their self-healing process by stimulating energy in chakras.

It allows Reiki practitioners to achieve inner self-satisfaction, inner peace,  self-worth which lead to a feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

They would love to invite you to their accreditated Reiki Courses in Guildford, Surrey.

They are proud to say that many of their students provide Reiki treatments at hospices and charities like Beata.



"Jarek and Beata's Reiki workshop was an incredibly moving experience. Not only did we learn the history and application of Usui Reiki but we bonded as a group and met our Reiki guides through meditation. The group dynamic, as set by Jarek and Beata comprised a good mix of calmness, music, good humour to raise the vibration and hospitality. It's by far the best workshop I've been to in many many years" Robert M.

"Having known virtually nothing about the practice of Reiki when I joined Beata and Jarek's course I found their teachings inspiring and educational. The unique way in which they teach encouraged me to open up and really engage with my inner self to truly understand the nature of reiki energy and all it's healing possibilities. Beata and Jarek's heart-centred approach to the teaching is very comforting especially for beginners who may be unsure of what it is they are trying to achieve from their spiritual practice. The duo are also highly knowledgeable about tarot, singing bowls and other spiritual tools which they happily share with the group, making the whole experience a lot of fun whilst you are learning." Namalee B.


"Reiki I and II with Beata and Jarek .
I took both courses with these wonderful people. It was a lovely experience. One that has helped me in many ways since with my life's journey. It has helped me to be more trusting of my own thoughts and feelings and has kept me grounded and positive even on the hardest of days. Beata and Jarek are kind , caring people and extremely passionate in what they do. I class them not only as my teachers but also as very good friends. Always there for any advice. Take a course and see. You will be amazed how you can change your life in a positive and loving way. Enjoy. X" Tracy N.


How to prepare for Reiki Course?

This preparation should bring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements into balance during the week before your attunement.

Therefore, before starting the course you should try to follow this advice:

  • eat light meals – mostly vegetables and fruits

  • avoid consuming fast food and carbonated drinks

  • drink a lot of water

  • if you smoke, please cut down as much as you can, even though we know how this is difficult

  • eliminate alcohol or other mind altering substances -your mind needs to be sharp and clear

  • take some time out for yourself and relax as much as possible

  • calm mind: you can meditate, breathe deeply, listen to soft music or read a nice book.

  • AFTER COURSE: it’s good to clear your schedule for the rest of the day

We require that all students experience a minimum 1hour session Reiki before they start their Level I Reiki Course.

If you are a Level I Practitioner who is interested in advancing your practice to Level II we suggest you take a few minutes every day to give yourself a Reiki treatment, in the week before.


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