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The Healing Room @ Mortiboys Dental Spa

East Horsley, Surrey, KT24 5HE
Phone: 01483 281 428
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The Healing Room is an established therapy room run by Gillie Scarrott-Jones, offering Usui and Seichem Reiki.  Gillie practices out of the lovely surroundings of Mortiboys which provides a calm and healing atmosphere for all.  This practice offers its clients the opportunity to relax and find an overall sense of wellbeing and balance in their lives.

Gillie came to Reiki in 2003 when she had her first Reiki session and found it such a life changing and moving experience, she knew she that is what she had a passion to do. She was first attuned to Usui Reiki and then went on to study Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem, reaching Master Level in 2004.


Reiki is a natural healing energy which works on every level not just the physical.  The Japanese word Reiki means “Universal Energy”. is also known as ‘ki’ in Japan, ‘chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India.  Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy, which flows through all living things and is vital to well-being.  Seichem, which works in a similar way as Reiki, is the Egyptian form of healing which incorporates the four elemental rays, Reiki, (earth), Sophi-el (water), Samar’s (fire) and Angelic Light (Air).  Seichem was re-discovered in 1980 by Patrick Ziegler while he was visiting Egypt and after spending the night in the Kings Camber.

There are many health benefits of Reiki and Seichem including: create deep relaxation and aid the body in releasing stress and tension; accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities; aid better sleep; reduce blood pressure; help with acute injuries and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, migraines etc); relieve pain and helps improve joint mobility; reduces the effect of trauma; remove energy blockages bringing the body into balance and harmony; assist the body in cleaning itself from toxins; help the body to recover from the drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy; support the immune system; increase vitality; help with emotional clearing; helps with bereavement. This is by no means the extent of what Reiki has to offer, it is quite a remarkable treatment!

Reiki is non-invasive, gentle yet powerful healing system and may be used alongside orthodox healthcare. It is used in hospitals and offered alongside Cancer treatments and if this is an area of concern for you, please follow the link to Cancer Research UK.  It is not however, an alternative to conventional medicine and you should always consult your Doctor should you have any health concerns. https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancer-in-general/treatment/complementary-alternative-therapies/individual-therapies/reiki

Nervous about going to the Dentist, a Reiki Treatment will help in keeping you calm, had dental work done, again Reiki can aid with the healing process.  Don’t feel you have to wait for your dental appointment, please drop in and have a free 15 minute taster which is available to all Mortiboys Dental Patients.

Gillie is currently offering an introductory offer until Christmas.

Gillie is qualified and fully insured and a member of the UK Reiki Federation and the RASA Reiki and Seichem Association

Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesday: 13:00 to 17:00
Thursday: 08.30 to 12:30

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: There is ample parking or there is Effingham Junction train station within easy walking distance with links to London and Guildford. The 478 bus stops very close by.


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