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Reiki and Alternative Therapy in Surrey

Ashford, Surrey, tw15 2qj
Phone: 01784392449
Website Address: http://uk-leading-hypnotherapy-centre.com
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Reiki At Wise Blue Owl Therapy - local to Ashford, Staines, Sunbury, Chertsey, Egham, Hounslow, Windsor, Slough - Surrey - Middlesex - Berkshire

How Reiki can help you.

Usui Reiki works with the Endocrine system that controls hormones, metabolism etc, and the seven main Chakras of the body. The Reiki energy helps to release any blockages that are present and facilitates the body a natural healing abilities to move forward. Every aspect of you receives healing where it is needed a  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These four aspects need to be in harmony for you to be truly healthy and happy. Usui Reiki does not just treat the site of complaint, it treats the whole. Usui Reiki is not a replacement for orthodox medicine. It is complementary and works alongside medical treatment.

Health Benefits

Reiki healing can have beneficial effects on most physical and mental health conditions such as;
back pain,stress, anxiety, anger, grief,pregnancy,Insomnia,eczema,high blood pressure,reduces side effects of modern medicine,helps to heal the emotional-mental pain suffered due to the break down of relationships, calms nerves before exams,calms nerves before driving tests,calms nerves before surgery & more.

What to expect from a Reiki Treatment
During a Reiki treatment the client either sits in a chair or lies on the treatment couch fully clothed, except for outerwear, shoes and magnetic or heavy jewellery. Energy is channelled through the practitioners  hands which are placed on or just above the client. You may feel heat or a tingling sensation from the practitioners hands, and have a relaxed, peaceful feeling. Every Reiki treatment is a different experience and works towards helping your health improve.

Reiki Training Courses.
Every person on this planet can learn Reiki if they choose to. The key is to keep it simple, it doesn't have to be complicated. Remember you know more than you think you do.  Others may facilitate and empower you but they can not do it for you, the decision and choice is yours. It is your free will.

Our course has been created by both directors of Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre who are experienced Reiki Masters and have been practising for over 10 years to give you an excellent experience of Reiki as a training subject.

For more information on how we can help you - Just contact us

Opening Times

Opening Times: 9.00 AM to 7.00PM
Available wekends also by appointment.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Right near Ashford train station


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