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Teresa Johnston

Phone: 01324 503 771
Website Address: www.SunriseHolistic.co.uk
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My name is Teresa Johnston and I am an energy medicine practitioner and a therapy radiographer with over 18 years of experience working in radiation oncology. I've worked in major research hospitals in Seattle and Manhattan as well as in Glasgow and Edinburgh. My healthcare experiences and beliefs have led me to work with energy healing and mindfulness meditation since 2008.

Holistic means to treat the whole person. This means that as therapist, I consider a person’s entire health with regards to illness and disease as impacted by factors such as lifestyle, environment, nutrition, and exercise. Furthermore, holistic health advice also takes into regard a person's stress levels and with the aim to help each person to find balance in life.

During a session, we will discuss issues and challenges and I will provide integrative care tools to manage concerns and also to move on from difficulties. Together we can address a wide range of health and emotional challenges including cancer, fertility issues, grief from loss loved ones, anxiety, and depression.

I am pleased to have helped many people find both comfort and peace as well as to improve their health and find more positive outlooks. As well as to one to one therapy appointments, I offer many wellness and spiritual development classes which can be found in the Events section here on Facebook or under the Events & Groups tab on my website. Take a look! You are sure to find a course you will love.

01324 503 771

Opening Times

Opening Times: Book Online Zoom Health Consults via my website at www.SunriseHolistic.co.uk
10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Friday.
Saturday morning appointments available.
Workshops and courses are offered both throughout the week as well as on weekends.
See website for up to date workshop schedule.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Sunrise Holistic
Callendar House
Callendar Road


4 Reviews/Comments on "Teresa Johnston"

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Alistair Ferrie
Rating :

“I have been a regular client of Teresa’s for about 4 years. She was recommended by my G.P. to help to relieve stress brought on by the death of my wife and related family problems. I would trudge into Teresa’s clinic with all the cares of the world on my shoulders but float out on a cloud of well-being. Teresa’s undoubted skills in Reiki and aromatherapy combined with her infectious positive personality has certainly helped me out a ‘dark place’ and has given me a more positive view on life.” Alistair Ferrie

Michele Mathieson
Rating :

I have been visiting Teresa for aromatherapy massage and Reiki for several years. She has helped me on numerous occasions with tension related back and shoulder problems. Massage relieves the physical tension but Reiki is fantastic for relaxing the mind. Admittedly I was a little cynical about Reiki before I tried it due to the fact there is only the slightest contact between patient and practitioner. However in Teresa’s expert hands I found it a deeply relaxing experience. I can thoroughly recommend her.

Lynne Laird
Rating :

I love getting a Reiki treatment with Teresa. I always feel positive and much more balanced when I leave. I wouldn’t have a treatment now from anyone else. I just wish I could go more often.

Morag Menzies
Rating :


I’m interested in having my first reiki treatment. I’ve been interested in reiki for a while and am planning to perhaps do a course however I’d like to experience it first. I have issues with my digestive system and feel sluggish a lot and wonder if reiki is something which may help?

Hope to hear back soon. I’m free this weekend or after work one night.

Many Thanks


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