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Stafford, Staffordshire, St17 4LY
Phone: 07779868566
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Lorraine a Reiki Master/Teacher and has been successfully treating people for nearly 15 years. Initially she was trained in Bristol through The Pegasus Centre in 2000.She spent several years learning, developing and experiencing her craft becoming a Reiki Master/ Teacher in 2005 in India.

Lorraine has committed herself to various voluntary projects, treating at a cancer hospice in Bristol a healing centre in Goa and Well Woman clinic in Thailand and as a NGO in Cambodia

After giving treatments to friends and family throughout this time she decided to set up treating a wider client base from my home where she has a dedicated treatment room

A UK Reiki Federation Member’ No 5382X

What the local paper wrote:
Staffordshire Newsletter;
By Sarah Marshall
WHEN Reiki expert Lorraine Conkey was a tough, high-flying sales boss she had no idea it was a small tumour in her head that was driving her.
For 10 years she was constantly on a high, working hard late into the evening and rising through the ranks from sales executive to top boss.
She commanded a sales team, most of who were men, and took a no-nonsense approach, gaining a reputation as a formidable boss who no-one messed with.
At the same time she was steadily gaining weight, ballooning in the end to 24st, and putting certain feelings down to stress – but in fact it was much more serious than that.
“I found out I had a small tumour in my pituitary gland,” she says as we chat over her a cuppa at her Stafford home.
“The tumour made my gland produce a huge amount of steroids and it was that that was driving me and giving me so much energy.
“Afterwards I wasn’t the same person. I discovered Reiki and my life changed. Suddenly I didn’t have the drive to continue doing the job I had done. I wanted to help people.”
That was 15 years ago. Since then Miss Conkey has not only learned to do Reiki herself but has become a Reiki Master and teacher and regularly spends half the year living and working in far-flung places such as India and Thailand.
“I have treated people who have had Multiple Sclerosis, depression, panic attacks, alcoholism, drug addiction, Parkinson’s Disease, frozen shoulders. Stress depression and even flying nerves.
“I have worked with some terminally ill cancer patients and Reiki can help them to accept it and be at peace with it. Other cancer patients who have been going through chemotherapy have had Reiki to help them deal with the stress.


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