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Reiki practice

Dinas Powis / Dinas Powys, South Glamorgan, CF644TG
Phone: 029 20514866
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I have been a practitoner and teacher of The Usui system of Reiki for almost twenty years. During this time I have been priveleged to meet many wonderful clients and students who have benefitted from this lovely healing energy. I offer Reiki treatments to people of all ages and genders. Babies to pensioners can use Reiki in their own way to help themselves to heal. This gentle yet powerful energy is able to help with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health issues.

Reiki can also be used with animals and as it is non-intrusive it does not cause the animal any stress or discomfort. All animals can benefit from Reiki Healing whether healthy, sick, hurt or dying. I have a Reiki cat who is 18 years old and who 'asks' for Reiki healing on an almost daily basis. A times she is more like a kitten as she has her 'mad five minutes' of dashing around the garden obviously feeling re- energised.

A pet treatment normally starts a short distance away, rather than directly hands on, allowing trust to be built between the animal and practitioner and letting the animal feel and get used to Reiki energy. During treatment the animal decides how much Reiki they want and may also move closer to the practitioner or further away depending on their 'comfort' zone.

Working in conjunction with veterinary treatments all sick, injured and dying animals MUST be under the care of a veterinary surgeon before receiving Reiki Healing.

My Reiki classes are generally offered on a one to basis but, I can work with small groups of up to four people if you all wanted to train at the same time. In offering one to one courses we can move along at your own pace ensuring that you fully understand any instruction and have had the opportunity to explore any issues that may arise. Training for Reiki I and II are offered over one day with some work required in the following months including keeping a reflective journal, conducting case studies and recommended reading. Full course content available on my website or on contacting me. Reiki Master training is undertaken as an apprenticeship over a period of up to one year or more. In all cases detailed course manuals and ongoing support is provided. I still maintain contact with about 75% of my students as we continue to grow, learn and share in our Reiki connection. I am privileged to have walked their Reiki journey with them thus far and am confident that they will continue to grow and progress along their individual paths wherever they may go.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Appointments and training days arranged to suit client, student and myself.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Lovely therapy room in quiet location in Dinas Powis in the Vale off Glamorgan.


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