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Soul Integration Healing

Bath, Somerset, BA1 5AR
Phone: 07909050786
Website Address: Www.soulintegration.co.uk
5 based on 8 review(s).

Ottavia is an experienced, empathetic and intuitive healer based in the beautiful city of Bath.  Using a combination of Reiki, Crystal healing and aromatherapy she can help with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual unease. Ottavia works with a variety of people including those who:

feel stuck, lack a sense of direction and meaning in life;
feel chronically anxious and stressed;
struggle with unresolved grief;
have experienced trauma and currently experience PTS or PTSD symptoms;
desire to feel a sense of connection to themselves and others;
experience chronic aches and pains;
are uneasy about themselves and feel deep shame despite an outer appearance of agency and success;
have problems with addiction.
Ottavia is a Reiki Master in Japanese Reiki and holds a diploma in advanced Crystal Therapy (FSCH Dip). She has a deep understanding of how attachment underpins both physical and emotional health and uses counselling skills for therapeutic purposes. She is a registered member of the BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) and is fully insured for her therapeutic healing practice.

Ottavia aim is to create a compassionate and safe space where you can feel free to discuss your needs and be met with understanding and non judgement. She will listen to your story and based on her experience will discuss with you what she thinks to be the best approach to help you connect to a vibrant healthy Self which is your birth right. As a result of one or more healing sessions with Ottavia you will effortlessly move away from limiting beliefs of a constricted life into embracing and then manifesting your true purpose.

Ottavia regularly runs Reiki courses in Bath. For the next dates please go to www.soulintegration.co.uk

Opening Times

Opening Times: Sessions are held at Neal’s Yard in Bath on Wednesday mornings and one Saturday a month, otherwise you can find her every Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30 till 15:30 at her practice in Box, only minutes away from Bath.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Ottavia can be found both at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bath and at her own practice in Box


8 Reviews/Comments on "Soul Integration Healing"

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Alice Dawdry
Rating :

Ottavia has helped me so much in only 2 sessions so far. The support through reiki and tools she’s given me are priceless and have provided me with much more positivity. I look forward to the next session!

Claire S.
Rating :

I walked in suffering from very painful sciatica and walked out painfree. Ottavia has created a relaxing and comforting environment, in which with her gentle calmness she delivers a healing with knowledge and confidence. I had no doubt that Ottavia would help me and I was not disappointed. Her follow up to the session was detailed and extremely helpful in helping me decide what to do next to continue my road to recovery. Everyone needs an Ottavia in their life at some point and I’m just so pleased that she is here for us now.

Angela Valentine
Rating :

Ottavia is a ‘safe space’, a listener and has a deep understanding of what we need as an individual. The Reiki was amazing with wonderful oils and crystals to heal. The debrief afterwards was valuable and insightful. Thank you.

Lisa Chambers
Rating :

Ottavia has had a significant impact on my life. From the first moment I met her I felt a strong connection and a genuine kindness. She has cared for me and guided me through a very dark time with such wise words & wonderful treatments. I feel re-set & stronger after each time I see her & am so grateful that our paths have crossed. I have recommended her to friends as everyone should have a chance to be cared for by Ottavia.

Emma B.
Rating :

I have seen Ottavia on several occasions and always find her intuition, calm and inspiring attitude tranformative. She works on subtle levels however her observations are always completely razor sharp and spot on! A reiki treatment is a deeply restoring and calming process that has helped me on many levels. The combination of crystals and aromatherapy oils transports me to another deeper place and as part of my recovery from PTSD is invaluable.

KAte T.
Rating :
Powerful Stuff I have seen Ottavia at various points in my life when I have been struggling with grief and loss. Her treatment is gentle, intuitive and non invasive and yet has been the most powerful and intense healing I have ever done. I have experienced warmth, light and relaxation when I didn’t think it was possible. I have accessed painful feelings which I was bottling up inside and come out the other side feeling somehow lighter or at the very least stronger and more capable of dealing with them. Ottavia is wise beyond her qualifications and she brings her… Read more »
Rating :
Seeing a new therapist and trying new methods to heal our woes is always a huge leap of faith, especially when you don’t understand the processes involved and so I was relieved to find myself immediately at ease in Ottavia’s presence. My previous concerns about how to yet again introduce my huge and complex list of burdens & expereinces to another therapist vanished as we started talking as I was calmed by Ottavia’s scientific approach wrapped in a her natural caring aura. I felt totally safe, at ease and free of the usual pressure to reel off a massive list.… Read more »
Gaby P.
Rating :
What an amazing soul . Ready and happy to help you reconnect with your true self . After a few sessions she helped me expand my consciousness so I could experience and see the world from my true being and that felt amazing . I had forgotten that feeling and she helped me reconnect to what I already knew . I’m a Pilates teacher so understand how important your mind and feelings are for the physical body. Ottavia helped me see from my heart rather than my head which gave me a sense of release and ease in the body.… Read more »

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