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Sacred Healing Centre

Telford, Shropshire, TF28NA
Phone: 07745987040
Website Address: https://sacredhealingcentre.co.uk/home/
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Typically clients choose several sessions over a period of time although one or two sessions are powerful too.

    • Joanna works with the Andean practice of illumination, clearing what is called the imprint, often setting a client on a very different journey, this more 'in tune'to the life they would rather be part of.
    • Soul retrieval is a term understood with the Western language and is heard of in Shamanism. This practice comes from the understanding that the energybody can be missing pieces and once returned, the natural harmony will be back in balance- the person radiates their wholeness.
      Literally pieces or pieces of the energy body can bereturned to the client, often with life changing effects.
      Soul retrieval is for people, locations and businesses
    • Death rites is another practice the Andean traditions. The natural endings to life or passages in life - Joanna can assist the passing of our loved ones from this world. They often come to their loved ones body, a spirit close long after that loved one has passed from the physical world. Joanna assists their passing. This a a beautiful methodology to work with.


Contact Joanna to book her price is £80 per session these last 60-90mins
For block bookings 3 sessions £200.

Joanna is a contemporary medicine woman working within the Shropshire landscape. She is a seer trained first in Reiki then by the Four Winds and thanks to my mentor Alberto Villoldo learnt to grow my own medicine body.

During my 15years facilitating others as they strip away the ghosts of their past that often eat hungrily from the banquet of our soul...

As clients experience the invisible worlds of energy medicine and step into who they really are in their world they experience powerful rites of passage.


Compelled to build a eco building over the last 5years The Sacred Healing Centre is truly a beautiful womb-like, cave made with clay, stone and wood.

  • Where Joanna works closely with the feminine with monthly Shropshire women's group.
  • Where we drum wilde with Shropshire Drumming Circle
  • Where we reconnect, nourish and find time for ourselves in wkly meditation classes.

Check out Facebook Sacred healing centre for times and dates.


Opening Times

Opening Times: 10:00am-9pm Monday- Friday
Saturday 10:00-2:00pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Telford Shropshire

Skype or phone line.


2 Reviews/Comments on "Sacred Healing Centre"

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Rating :

I have received healing from Joanna, booking 3 sessions, and it really is something else. Joanna is a great person, very intuitive and empathetic, I felt she was very in tune with me and not just during each session but through the whole time I worked with her. Without a doubt Joanna is someone I will call on again for more sessions as I feel the need. You can’t go wrong booking with Joanne

Rating :

My life has transformed since seeing Joanna for a session 2 weeks ago. The sacred healing centre is very special…go and experience some tremendous energy and healing.

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