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Reiki Kyokai

Newington, Shropshire, ME9 7JR
Phone: 01795843334
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I have studied Reiki for over 10 years with my Master Reiki Teacher who is directly connected in lineage to Mikao Usui; starting with Western Reiki, through Master Teacher and on to Eastern Reiki which I will continue to study - life long.
Reiki is a profoundly relaxing therapy in which the therapist facilitates the energy of the client to heal itself; at worst Reiki is wonderfully relaxing at best it is outstandingly amazing!
I chose to study and practice Reflexology along with Reiki as both can be hands on treatments and Reiki compliments Reflexology well.
I give Reiki and Reflexology treatments from my own treatment room. I teach Western Reiki 1 (and upwards) to individuals or small groups. I have an excellent and short lineage. Clients should always ask to know the lineage of their therapist as not all have been truly attuned.
For treatment or teaching please get in touch

Opening Times

Opening Times: I have no set working hours as I find that everyone needs treating differently. I only do two treatments a day.
Reiki courses are run over two days at a convenient time for the student/s.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: In the middle of Newington High Street next to Vari Restaurant


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