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Mary Wright, Reiki & Sekhem Healer

Oakham, Rutland, le15 6rg
Phone: 01572 720075
Website Address: https://www.rutland-healing.co.uk
5 based on 6 review(s).

Reiki & Sekhem Healing Master based in Oakham, Rutland. My clinic is in Oakham. Distant healing also available. Written reports of psychic messages received during healing sessions are on request (via email). For further information about the way I work, and costs, please visit my website.


6 Reviews/Comments on "Mary Wright, Reiki & Sekhem Healer"

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Barbara Cooper
Rating :

Mary is a rare find. Dedicated to the well-being of all the people and animals she heals she is always spot on.
With the barest knowledge of energetic healing I contacted Mary to try to reduce my long term stress. I’ve stuck at it and the difference in me has become like night and day. With her uncanny insight she’s always welcoming, offering encouragement and is a source of comfort to me and my family and our animals

Maggi Wilce
Rating :

Mary has helped me with reiki and seichim healing over many years, both presencial and distance. She’s an experienced and gifted healer, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Rating :

Mary’s healings are really powerful. I found my energy and interest for life return to me significantly after just a few sessions. I had been stuck in a bit of a rut and it was wonderful to feel an excitement and joy for my life again.

Rating :

Mary is a beautifully talented, quality healer, completely competent in all areas of her Reiki practice. Her healings are gentle, yet highly effective, and profoundly insightful. I trust in her skill implicitly, as her spiritual abilities have never failed to give me incredible experiences which are deep, replenishing and regenerating.

Jessica Tyers
Rating :

I received healing off mary today to help with my anxiety and the physical pain it has been giving me as soon as we started I could feel alot of energy work going on and began to feel the anxiety ease along with the pain. I felt comfortable with mary and she was very insightful and knowledgeable after the treatment when I spoke about what I had experienced during treatment. Thankyou mary x

denis uzzell
Rating :

I had just one absent healing with Mary,concerning a very acute nerve pain,i can truthfully report i felt a gentle blue light descend on this area and the pain lessened and later to my surprised relief went away altogether without any painkillers.Her psychic report was,from my psychological perspective and self-analysis,insightful and accurate when,in truth,i wasn’t expecting much so was truly taken aback by Mary’s intuitions.I can state,without hesitation,Mary is a gifted practitioner of her healing vocation.

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