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Alive – Yoga Therapies Wellbeing

Hexham, Northumberland, NE7 7UP
Phone: 07583134745
Website Address: www.aliveyogatherapieswellbeing.com/
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I became involved in yoga as a young person in the early 1990's, and then trained in holistic health in the mid 1990's, at this reflexology, massage, Indian head massage, diet, nutrition and homeopathy.  I became interested in the person holistically and was very interested in how environment and individual psychologically, affected health and behaviour, so studied psychology and counselling.  After a few years balancing a work life of counselling and holistic health I wanted to focus on preventative health and building resilience so people could thrive.  So much of how we are today, can be impacted from how it was for us as a child.  So I became a play therapist.  I enjoyed using mediums like arts, crafts, the outdoors and movement to support people in their journey.  At this point spirituality was still calling, and I gained reiki 1 and 2 in the early 2000's.  Interested in people and ways to support them to thrive, removing any barriers and enhancing choices for young people, children, the elderly and individuals in a lifestyle that wasn't sustaining them (either work, relationships, family, income and quality of life).  I did further research into Health and motivation and developed work practices that supported people's resilience and enhanced motivation, social relationships, confidence and reduced stress and anxiety.  I had found yoga as a young person at a local community centre and fulfilled a course for a duke of Edinburgh award.  This was the start of my loving journey with yoga.  I trained with British Wheel of Yoga, did teacher training course with yoga alliance and Zen Buddhism, practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram Vinyassa, Kundalini, Vinyassa Krama, Forrest, oki do meiso , Buddhist meditation from various theories.  I practised and learnt yoga in India, Australia, Italy, UK, Switzerland and the practice I enjoyed most was the one that was gentle, flowing and suitable for all ages.  I developed a playful yoga practice for children, a calm, focus for learning/studying and reducing anxiety for young people and a healing awakening practice for adults.

Durring this time I studied various art courses and fulfilled some restoration for Thanka Paintings from Himalyas, and enjoyed the meditation and spiritual space within the Buddhist temple.

In today's world there are so many factors that could be affecting us.  What is most important is finding our individual way to feel ALIVE.  Energy and the importance of sustaining positive and balanced energy became important. As personally I felt my energy was depleting and my quality of life also needed updating, like an APP.  So I trained in many areas to support each person differently.

Today I focus on Teaching Reiki, Yoga, mindfulness practices, Japanese Zen meditations brining in sound, colour and aromatherapies where it is appropriate.  If you would like an appointment to feel aspired to make subtle changes that could change your life.  Please contact me.

Opening Times

Opening Times: 7.30-7.30 Monday, Thursday
10-3 Tuesday
2-5pm Friday

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Please contact me first, to find out more about which centre is nearest and has availability to suit.


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