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Reiki By Bela

Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 4PG
Phone: 07592853258
Website Address: www.reikibybela.co.uk
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My name is Izabela Skarzynska and I am certificated Usui, Tibetan Reiki Practitioner. I am a member and volunteer in Milton Keynes Reiki Support Group. I came across Reiki few years ago when I needed my own healing. I was totally amazed at how I felt so I decided to do my own Reiki training. Since that my life and health changed for the better. I have practised Reiki on the daily basis to help myself as well as to help others. I have developed certain intuitive gifts that helped better understand my client’s needs. As natural empathetic healer I use not only what I feel in my hands, but what is felt in my body too. I am the facilitator of the energy that flows to the client’s highest good while relaxing on the table. I truly believe that Reiki comes to you when you ready to receive this precious gift. This is unspeakable experience... there is no words that can describe how much Reiki means to me and how much it helped me to understand myself...it brought me closer to my Higher Self to my soul. It gave me a chance to heal my past, my traumas, my negativity..it helped me to become a better person who rather understand than judge...who rather love than hate...who share compassion ...who rather listen than speak...Reiki helped me to find and understand my soul purpose ...Forever grateful for the privilege of sharing the energy, sharing the light ...Especially I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and contribute to the improvement of your well-being and health .. Thank you for the trust you give to  me. Love, Peace and Gratitude.


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